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Treatment Provider

Matt Millican has an MA in Counseling Psychology from Pacific University, Oregon, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and has been studying and working with offender issues since 2008.

His area of focus has included psychosocial addictions, the biopsychology of pictorial pornography as it relates to the treatment of sexual offenses, stalking behaviors, mediation, domestic violence power and control issues, veteran’s issues.

His professional experience includes time served as a military police officer in the US Navy with emphasis on responding to domestic violence; working in the Sex Offender Treatment Program at the Oregon State Hospital with those adjudicated criminally insane, case management and individual counseling with the Oregon Department of Corrections at Snake River Correctional Facility in Ontario, Oregon.

He currently facilitates Domestic Battery Intervention groups and performs Domestic Violence Evaluations for the State of Idaho and the Ada County Domestic Violence Court.

Domestic Battery Intervention Program (DBI) at Affinity Behavioral Health defines domestic violence as a pattern of coercive behavior that includes physical, emotional, psychological, verbal, sexual, property damage and economic abuse. Our program clearly defines domestic violence as a crime. We teach clients that those who use violence in a relationship must accept responsibility and consequences for their choices.

The program at Affinity Behavioral Health assists clients in developing a treatment plan that primarily focuses on stopping the abuse and establishing a basis for personal safety. Groups focus on attitudes regarding relationships and violence, gender roles in violence, the effects of violence on the family, and the many victims of domestic violence. Groups explore the many causes of domestic violence. Group members learn that the victim is not the cause of domestic violence under any circumstances.