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Domestic Violence Evaluations


CLICK THIS LINK HERE FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE EVALUATION APPLICATION/ INTAKE – this form will take some time to complete and you will not be able to save your progress, so be sure that you can complete it in a single setting somewhere comfortable where you are going to be uninterrupted.

Evaluation Process / Steps (Read this carefully)

1. Complete the application above.

2. The clinic will receive your application, and then will begin to make the requests for the required paperwork for your evaluation. Depending on the agency the paperwork is requested from, this can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks. Feel free to ask the evaluator on any updates on the receipt of your paperwork, it is easiest to do this by text at (208) 461 – 3720.

3. If your evaluation has not been mandated by the court but has been requested by your attorney, the clinic will need to receive paperwork for the case from your attorney.

4. If your evaluation has been ordered by the Department of Corrections/parole/probation, the evaluator will reach out to the appropriate agencies to obtain the necessary files for your evaluation.

5. Once the evaluator has received your paperwork, you will be contacted to be scheduled for an interview. Interviews typically run between 1 – 2 hours, depending on the case and the issues. Interviews may be conducted over Zoom (camera/video) or they can be conducted in person at the clinic. It will be up to you which type of meeting you prefer. You will receive instructions for your interview after being scheduled.

6. Special payment plans are available, at no time will the evaluator be billing insurance for your evaluations, neither does insurance cover domestic violence evaluations. If you wish to enter into a payment plan with the evaluator, you will need to discuss this with the evaluator ahead of time, and can so indicate on your application. Payment plans typically consist of a minimum of one half the total amount by the time of interview, and the evaluation will be completed and filed upon receipt of the remainder. If you wish to make payments before your interview you may do so by clicking the make a payment button below, or by paying cash or money order in person at the clinic.

7. In cases where you have government funding or assistance in paying for your evaluation, confirmation of this must be received by the evaluator before the interview.

8. Once the evaluator has completed your interview, the evaluator will not know the results of your evaluation until after the entire evaluation process has been completed. The evaluator will not be able to tell you the results of the evaluation at any time during the process. The evaluation, once submitted, will belong to the court, or the Department of Corrections/Department of Justice, or in the case of an attorney–requested evaluation, it will be submitted to your attorney, and they can discuss the results with you. It will be up to the court, Department of Justice, Department of Corrections, legal system, or your attorney as to what they wish to do with the results and recommendations of your evaluation.  

9. Recommendations may entail addressing: mental health, parenting classes, domestic violence intervention, child custody, anger management, individual counseling, substance use or alcohol abuse treatment, and any other areas the evaluator deems relevant to your case. As an ethical rule, the evaluator works to recommend the least amount of intervention and requirements possible that will benefit you, and keep others safe while meeting the requirements of the legal system.

You can make a payment here.